About Us

About Us

Seven Slot Syndicate is a Jeep and Jeeping Lifestyle enthusiast website.


seven-slot-syndicate_logo_grey-2The name originates from the seven-slot grille that is found on many Jeep brand vehicles and is partnered with “Syndicate” for its literal definition of “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest”. The site is owned and operated by Alana and Jay Swank of Ohio. The original launch in late 2015 was in the format of a forum, but with so many other social media outlets we struggled to get member involvement beyond readers. So, it was relaunched roughly a year later in a format better suited for follower use.


All Jeeps, One Passion!

This site isn’t just for “Wrangler” type Jeeps, or Cherokees, or even Jeeps for that matter. We have had the opportunity to meet many great people and make lots of friends through “Jeeping” events and gatherings. Sometimes those people happen to be in a Toyota or something else, and that’s cool too. 😀

A hodgepodge of information can be found here. Topics range from article style reviews and write-ups to Jeep news and activities. Sometimes topics have nothing to do with Jeeps or Jeeping at all, but we simply share hoping others will find interest or use the information.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact either Jay or Alana directly by clicking the name, or use the “Let’s Chat” form.